May : Midnight Hospital Emergency 

Hi Guys, so as usual let me gist you about how May was for me and stuff that happened but before I gist you about the Hospital emergency, let’s talk about……..

Juggling……….Two Court appearances.

For the first time ever , I had two personal Court appearances in one day.

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Lessons on pride and ingratitude from a Church bus

Pride and ingratitude

Happy Sunday Guys. How the go dey go? Allow me me to gist you about my Church bus and how something happened to me the first time I entered it that made me realise why we have to be watchful of pride and ingratitude.

Now that Sunday, I was on my way to church. It was already past 7am (and I was already late). I was waiting for a cab when I sighted my a bus with a banner of my Church coming from a distance.

My first thought was either “Ooooooooooh no” or “Chai!I hope they don’t stop for me oh”. Lets just say, it wasn’t a happy thought. One would think I would be grateful but my first thought wasnt one of “thank God for this bus because I won’t be late” instead, I was hoping they wouldn’t recognize me or stop. I was still busy hoping when the bus came to a stop beside me. Lol. All this happened between two and four minutes.

I dont know what gave me away. Maybe my face looked non too happy or unexcited , or I paused momentarily but the women ( funny enough the only man in there was the driver) just started talking.  The only thing I heard clearly in the chorus of voices was ” are you not the one we parked for?” Lol. Older Yoruba women no send you. Apparently, the purple gele marked me out as our Church member plus they probably recognized me. We had a women thanksgiving that Sunday and purple was the chosen ‘gele’ colour.

A few minutes later, and I started enjoying the ride and feeling lucky to have gotten free ride . I really couldn’t think of any valid reason for not wanting to enter the bus except pride. I had a talk with myself that instant. And I resolved to enter the bus more happily next time. Lol.

Pride and ingratitude

What is pride but a feeling of self importance, feeling better than others or being puffed up? Isn’t that what I did? Fine, Part of it was  not wanting the attention and them focusing on me when they stopped to carry me, but a part of me also felt too big to be entering Church bus. Whereas the truth is that the bus was provided for by the Church to convey anybody willing to enter it.  I should have been grateful the moment I sighted the Bus, but I groaned inwardy and hoped they wouldn’t stop for me just because I had the money or I could afford a cab.

Would I have felt that way if I had five children and no money to take them to Church? Lol. Of course not. I would have run after that bus with all my strength.

Who was helping who anyway? They didn’t have anything to gain by carrying me. I was the one who managed not to be late for prayer meeting and my teaching that morning, who was dropped right in front of the Church instead of walking down and climbing staircase, and didn’t pay a dime.

I discovered that we really have to careful about the thought that comes before some certain actions.

My people, as you can see, it’s not enough to say another person is proud, or to pride ourselves on being humble and grateful. Let’s try to look inwards.

Why do we wear,use or buy some  stuff? So that people can perceive us as a ” bigs”guy or girl? Lol.

Pride and ingratitude

Don’t get me wrong, looking good or using quality stuff isn’t a sin. The question is WHY do we want it? There are times I find myself wanting to wear some clothes or use some stuff for less than stellar reasons. Lol.  

What do we do when beggars or less privileged people approach us for help? Hastily close the door because we feel we are better than them or even tell them to go find work to do.

It’s so easy to forget that ” There but for the grace of God go I” . Aren’t we all who we are and where we are by the grace of God?

What comes out of our mouth when people ask for help? How do we treat clerks and cleaners at work, that colleague with the rickety car and the woman who can’t speak good English? Do we despise them in our hearts?

Pride comes from inside our hearts. It is what is inside that determines what is outside. One can look and act outwardly humble and have a sneering and dismissive heart. A self examination of our thoughts and why we do the things we do can help us to check our reactions and nip pride in the bud.

Pride can sneak up on us as humans so we have to watch it. Especially when things start to go well. We can suddenly get puffed up and look down on others or some situations. Believe me, God hates pride in every form. Every thing we have, we do by the grace of God not by out strength. That you are married or have a great paying job or an amazing car doesn’t make you better than others.

God can teach us about pride, ingratitude with little things like not wanting to enter the Church Bus. Lol 

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TBT: Telephones with tails

Happy new month Guys. It’s hard to believe the second half of the year  is almost here. Anyway, today we are talking about telephones. Yeah not mobile phones, I mean actual ringing telephones with no caller identity lol.

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Finding friendship and love on social media. Does the channel really matter?

It goes without saying that people are falling in love with people they met on social media. Let me put it simply, social media is the new Cupid. Lol. Even if the initial meeting isn’t via social media, social media can facilitate the romance aspect. Have you forgotten about Banky W and Adesua so quickly. Lol? Banky W slid into her Instagram. Same with Ayo of and Mairo Ese.

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