The Blog

Hiya! Waves. 

Welcome to This is my own little corner of blogosphere where the Lord led me to start in November 2016 as a place to talk, learn, share, connect with Christians and people seeking God, talk about God and teach and evangelise about Jesus. It’s also a place to be myself without feeling the need to adhere to human expectations and just write as the Holy Spirit directs me. 

Here, we talk about a little of everything, and a lot about Christian Faith and God. This blog aims to inspire in every possible way. And we especially love being realistic about issues people most especially youths and Christians face. I mean! I don’t get why people like to pretend as if Christianity is easy peasy, as if there are no waiting periods, no struggle to read the Bible, no discouraging thoughts, struggle with sin, temptation to have have sex or even get horny while on the abstinence train. 

I feel it’s important for some stories to be told and for Christians to be honest about how far we have come and what we learned so far. 

Don’t exist expect theological sermons or discourse here lol. This is a blog where I aim to talk about God as simply as possible.  A common theme will be the importance of knowing God and having a relationship with him on a personal and intimate basis. I feel that that’s the foundation we all need. Once you get that right,  everything falls into place.

This was supposed to be short ? but I love to write.Haha.

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