I am so glad to have you here.
Let’s see! My name is Bisola, but some people call me Bisi, and some people in church call me Sister Bisi ( which amuses me sometimes) hence the name of this site. 
I am a lawyer, a sister ( literally this time) , and a Christian. I am very liberal, open minded and open to new stuff, willing to be molded by God and team abstinence.

I  love to read and write, and to eat stuff more than I like cooking it lol, and listening more than I talk, although some people would say I can be a chatterbox ( I don’t know what they are talking about). Anyway welcome ( again) to this blog. 

This is my own little corner of blogosphere. Here, we talk about a little of everything, and a lot about Christian Faith and God. This blog aims to inspire in every possible way. And we especially love being realistic about issues people most especially youths and Christians face. I mean! I don’t get why people like to pretend as if Christianity is easy peasy. Why pretend when it’s something a lot of people face.

Me! I aim to make this a non judgemental place where we talk about our faith, Christianity, the struggles and the stuff we ponder about when we are alone. We also talk life, relationships, career, sex,  celibacy and stuff plus random gists for no other reason other than I want to gist. Lol. 


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