Ananias: Yes Lord

My people! What would you do if as you were reading this an angel of the Lord suddenly appeared beside you? Don’t lie, you would probably run. Even me I don’t think I would be calm. How about if you suddenly heard your name and the Lord sends us on an important assignment? Will you answer Yes Lord! Some of us would not even remember what happened with Samuel and how he eventually answered, we would probably run out of the house shrieking lol.?.

And by some of us I mean we Christians, we who should know the Lord, we who do know the Lord but aren’t quite prepared for some of this possibilities in our relationship with God.

So a little background. I was reading the book of Acts today( days back) and in Chapter 9 a couple of stuff jumped at me, but for this particular Bible study we will focus on one person, Ananias.

Now he was not part of the twelve disciples but he was close enough to God to be sent on special errands. One key thing I noticed while reading was that he knew the Lord and the Lord knew him.

Lets dig in and see how I discovered all that.

Text – Acts Chapter 9.

Saul had just being arrested by Jesus and he was blind. Ananaias was probably praying or chilling in his house when he had a vision. His first words are the reason for this post.

” Ananais!” The Lord called. Guess what his first words were.

” Yes Lord”. No ” Hian?” No ” who is calling me” No who is calling my name”. Just simple obedience and acceptance. This tells us primarily that he knew that voice. He had sought the owner of that voice, given his life to him, known him and communicated with him.

His answer also shows submission and worship. ” Yes Lord” is also Yes! My father, Yes! My creator, Yes my Saviour. I am at your service. I am available, I am at attention, I am ready.

Verses 11,12 and 13 tells us of the conversation between the Lord and Ananias. If you want to read Ananias reaction to the Lord’s instruction go ahead open your Bible. Wait! You mean it isn’t opened yet, go and open it jo.

So as I was saying! The Lord told Ananias to GO! And go he did.

Yes Lord!

Verse 17 is very instrumental and I want us to take note of it. The beginning of verse 17 tells us exactly what transpired when Ananias arrived his destination. No questions, no facts verifying, no attempt to joke or laugh. Just simple obedience to his creator and this he conveyed to the person he was sent to ( I am totally coding lol) by calling him Brother lol. This shows that despite what he knew about this person, once the Lord told him to forget it and hinted him of the destiny of that person in verse 17, he accepted that person without questions.

His next words also show his faith, trust, belief and conviction. God told him what had transpired earlier with this person. Ananias was not there when it happened, but he made sure to tell this person that the Lord who ……..has sent me to you so that you may  ………….. ?.

He had authority through Jesus and he knew it. He told the person what the Lord had sent him to do and he did it and it happened just as he had said by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Yes Lord!

The response of Ananias and the subsequent conversation showed the ease and familiarity of constant conversation with the Lord, regular prayer, devotion and worship.

Acceptance and obedience.

As i said earlier his first word when the Lord called is everything.

You don’t have to be at the forefront to fulfil destiny and purpose.

Ananias was not part of the twelve disciples and he was mentioned in like just one thirds of chapter 9 but he was the first disciple that the blind persecutor saw. He was the one chosen to lay hands and Impart the Holy Spirit. We all know the great work this person went on to do for the gospel and how he suffered for the gospel.

The Lord trusted him.

The Lord trusted him to do this delicate thing. Lay hands on someone who hated the gospel so he might be healed. The Lord trusted him to obey, to love this person, to talk kindly to this person, There were tons of disciples apart from the twelve but the Lord chose Ananias.

He wasn’t afraid.

To put this into context imagine if the Lord were to send you to a top Isis or Boko Haram commander. Would we go? Would we go grudgingly or hesitatingly? Would yours and mine’s answer be Yes Lord? More importantly do we have fellowship with him to the extent of knowing his voice. Some of us would probably bind any voice that dares to send us such message lol.

Do we recognize the voice of the Lord? Can we pick it out from amidst other voices. Do we hear from God? Do we know the voice of the Lord enough to answer him one time like Ananias did?

What do you say when the Lord calls or sends you on specific assignments. Do you say Yes Lord! first before we even hear what God has to say, or do we say Yes Lord after we have heard the assignment and decided if we like it, if we want to do it or not.

That is it for today. Share with us lessons and observations.

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  • Reply
    Yetunde Olasiyan
    September 7, 2017 at 8:12 am

    One thing stood out from this lesson, Ananias knew/understood/was familiar with the voice of God. He wasn’t even shocked to hear God speak to him. It looked normal. I would have been shocked or jolted into reality if I heard God’s voice audibly. So, this talks about relationship/ communion ship/ fellowship which is the star of our existence or the reason he made us. Thanks for opening my eyes to this, sis bisi.
    I sent a mail to you some weeks back. I wonder if you ever got it. Please, give me an email I can reach you on. Thanks

    • Reply
      September 7, 2017 at 6:07 pm

      You understand exactly what I was getting at. Thanks.
      I feel like we Christians are not optimising the full extent of our relationship with God.
      Yeah! Fellowship with God is key to our purpose and existence on earth.
      I didn’t oh. That web mail can be a bit late in notifying me on my phone but I have gone to recheck,even spam. Did you use

  • Reply
    September 18, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Amen! Lord help me to be prompt to obey you just like your servant did.
    And yes, you don’t have to be at the front line to serve God. You don’t even have to be known by many. God can use anyone whereever they are. Thanks Bisi!

    • Reply
      September 20, 2017 at 4:41 pm

      Yes Lord. Help me too. It’s so easy to claim we love God but hesitate to obey and do his will.
      Yeah. It’s not about popularity with God.
      Thanks Sis.

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