Let’s talk about the social media apps we love ( and why)

Social media

Anyone who has followed me closely personally or blog wise, here or on my former blogs would know I am a very unsocial media like person. However there are some I tolerate and even love. Let me take you through my social media app adventure and how I have fallen in love ( for now) with one of them apps.

Bisola and Social Media.


Personal– I have only changed Facebook profile pics two/ three times in my life. I don’t know maybe because it’s full of people who I know, used to know, barely talk to but I find the idea of putting updates or posting pics very repugnant.

If it were just my parents and siblings in there you can be sure I would post almost everyday but to post pics for family or ex flat mates, school mates and ex toasters I haven’t heard from or seen in ages is something I don’t just understand. I still can’t fathom it sha. But I do make the obligatory appearance on my birthday, my immediate family and anyone whose birthday it is when I do manage to check it. I get updates on my iPad and email ( also on the iPad) and only if the update seem interesting enough, or I am sufficiently bored do I browse through.


Sisterbisi– Instagram was a pleasant surprise mainly because I had heard sufficiently bad enough stuff to deter me. Slay queens una well done ?. It seemed like such a frivolous place and I couldn’t be bothered. Then Immanuel was like ” Why aren’t you active” so I made an effort, then during the Halleluyah challenge I had no choice, and I fell in love with Instagram.

It is such a fun place for me and I have somehow gotten the hang of it. Once I figured out the hash tags and the fact that Instagram is picture first, words second and I was good to go. I remember the first post that got likes from strangers and I was like ehn ehn, why I have been suffering myself on that Twitter? Lol. Not to talk about the endless pictures and the posts.

Instagram opens up a lot of possibilities and I see the media savvy advertising everything from fitness, food, food delivery, clothes, shoes, children’s stuff, perfume, online coaching, online cooking, conferences, businesses, creating brands etc. I love that once I like a post, it comes up in my explore feed and I can see what’s up, I can also bookmark posts abi pics and file them for easy reference.

Ministry wise Instagram is perfect for me, I can write and post in minutes. No overthinking or long editing like on the blog. Anyway let me confess – Instagram has almost stolen me away, it’s so easy to post in there plus you get instant feedback but we will not gree for Instagram to steal me away yeah. You guys are my people nah.

Lol plus I still love writing my long posts ( this was supposed to be short, I have no idea how I started telling story) and how I let you into my head and what God is teaching me. Anyway from now on, I will try to embed some Instagram stuff in here.

( Funny enough I don’t feel this way about my personal Instagram. Mainly because na my Facebook people full there lol. ) I opened it in 2012, uploaded like two pics and abandoned it, but one day I logged in and saw followers ( including bros Doctor, I was like okay nah! All ye monitoring spirits, no be me and una )?.


Personal/ Sisterbisi/others-

I somehow haven’t figured Twitter out yet, even know I have more than one Twitter account lol. Most of my blogs have one including this one and i have a personal one but they all have similar issues mostly because I don’t have patience and I get bored easily. I do love Twitter though, reactions in Twitter are epic. I also love hashtags and going through that of my favorite shows.



Pinterest is a nut I want to crack but no time yet. I don’t understand anything but I love browsing through and saving stuff. There’s so much to read, so much advise and tips. For anybody who wants to learn or engage, Pinterest is the place to be.

Social media

I always get ” saves ” on the stuff I save which is cool, but i don’t have the zeal for designing images which is a big plus on Pinterest. Dear Pinterest, I will figure you out someday soon, not just yet.

What other app is there again oh? Lol. Oh


Neither personal nor Sisterbisi –

Once I heard ” snap” aka picture, I didn’t even bother. I am such a picture phobic or should I say ” picture posting phobic” ?.


Personal .

I have a love- hate relationship with Whatsapp. I love it but I dislike that it’s so unsolicited. Anybody and everybody has acces to it once they have your number. Meaning that your barber/ random people/ hairdresser/church people/ long lost family member can just suddenly pop up and say ” Hello”.

Then there’s my mum and countless pics and forwarded messages. Love you Mum.

Social media

And other people who add you into groups without your permission (I was happy the day I dicovered you could mute notifications, lol) and keep forwarding you stuff and end with ” share” or “don’t break the chain” or “forward to twenty people, send back to ten people including me”. Msheeeew.

Enough of my story. Though I know you have missed my stories yeah? Winks . Is anyone here on Snapchat? What’s your favorite social media app? And why?

Happy new month guys.

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  • Reply
    August 3, 2017 at 3:23 am

    Those forwarded messages on WhatsApp ehn! Especially the ones they threaten you to send in order to show love to your friends. I usually just resend to the person who sent to me. Lol. I see your mama. How cute!
    I am also not on Snap and I don’t think I’ll join until I find a concrete reason to.
    Facebook is my fave for now, I’m learning to love Instagram too.

    • Reply
      August 7, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      Lol. Most times I don’t even resend it to the person. I am just like ? especially if I am in a bad mood. Those messages can be tiring though I try to glance through everything in case there’s a hidden gem.
      Yes !That’s my mama. Thanks Sis.
      Lol! I know you love Facebook. A lot of your fans are there too so I understand. As for me, I will content myself with Instagram for now.

  • Reply
    August 7, 2017 at 5:14 am

    Twitter is my most fave. Signed up and Snapchat so I could say “I’m on snapchat” lol. Never done anything there.

    Facebook. It’s safe to say everybody is on Facebook.

    • Reply
      August 7, 2017 at 6:54 pm

      I should check you out on Twitter someday.
      Lol at everybody is on Facebook. My parents love Facebook. God help you if you post or write anything funny on your page, you will receive a quick text,call or WhatsApp from my dad. On the plus side they are the first to like anything you put in.

  • Reply
    August 29, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Lol@ monitoring spirits. Guess I could say I’m unsocial. I use Facebook for birthday reminders. There are always so many posts that you can spend an entire day there. Followed a friend to Twitter but deleted the app when notifications of followees started draining my blackberry battery. IMO is annoying, they keep notifying me of new members. WhatsApp is the abode of monitoring spirits. They just check your profile picture and keep mute. With the new status on WhatsApp, upload a status and you’ll see 50 people have checked in a day. No Instagram, Snapchat. I never get the strength

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