Eight ways to KNOW if God is speaking to us

If God is speaking

In earlier posts we have talked about How God speaks to us and that We are prophets, capable of hearing from God ourselves. However knowing that it is God speaking or urging us is important. We have to be able to recognize God’s voice amidst other voices that we hear and other channels of hearing from him.  This is because a lot of audible voices, voices from the inside, angelic visitation, dreams and visions, pastor and prophet’s message do not come from God. Satan has his agents everywhere, and they also duplicate all the above channels so as to confuse Christians. Our flesh can also confuse us. We hear ourselves, our wants, desire, translate it, and we think it’s God.


Spirit of discernment :

The Holy Spirit can help us discern what is of God and what is not of God. There are lots of voices that sound like God but there’s only one God. It is only that spirit of discernment that will tell you to stay put when everyone one else is running forward because they claim they heard “God” tell them “Move”. It is the spirit of discernment that lets you know that Brother claiming to have receieved you from God is not from God. There’s no way to know some things on the face of it or by our physical eyes but the spirit of discernment and the Holy Spirit is what will help us.

The Holy Spirit : You cannot discern other spirits without the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God in spirit form, living inside of us. He can tell you everything and show you mysteries. Holy Spirit is very important for believers as he knows everything and more importantly is willing to tell us. We only have to listen.


We can know if God is speaking by searching the scriptures. The Bible is the word of God and he cannot go contrary to his word. When we know the Word of God, Satan cannot bamboozle us. Remember that he tried to use scriptures to get Jesus to be tempted. He didn’t calculate well because Jesus knew the appropriate scriptures to counter Satan. God will not tell you to get pregnant before marriage so that you won’t be barren. God will not tell you to sleep with that married man so that you can get that job.

How to know if God is speaking

Peace :

God is not an author of confusion. God will not steal your peace and leave you confused. You will know the one that is God because of the peace that you would feel.


God can use circumstances to show us that he is speaking. At a point when I wanted to leave my former job, I felt led and tugged to leave but a part of me was wondering if I was crazy to leave a job that I spent years praying for. Yet the feeling persisted. So I prayed really hard for clarity. Then I went to Church and the sermon that day was like it was directed at me. The topic was mistake and errors. And I felt the Holy Spirit telling me that if I didn’t leave that job then, it would be a mistake of a life time. And it truly would have been a terrible mistake that would have tied me down.

Confirmation and godly counsel :

Seeking advise from our pastors and fellow Christians and asking them to pray for us can help us in determining if God is really speaking. We just have to be careful of overrelying on them. We are Prophets, able to hear from God ourselves so they or others should not be the primary way of contacting God. For instance a prophet shouldn’t be the sole way to know who to marry or where to go to school or what job to take. Hear from God yourself no matter how little, other people should only confirm what God is saying. When issues come up you can take the matter to God yourself.

Prophecy :

This can reveal the mind of God concerning an issue and he can send prophets other believers to prophesy and tell us us his mind or warn us or give us hope. We have to be careful of false prophets though.

www.cbn.com/prayer/seven-keys-to-hearing-god. This post is great for further reading and I got some points from it too

N.B…Soooooooo let me just add that we have to be very careful when determining if God is speaking to us. Satan isn’t a fool, he knows that we Christians also try to be sure God is speaking. He therefore sets us up with a lot of what I have stated above. Which means even supposedly godly counsel or dreams or circumstances can point perfectly as if it’s from God but it isn’t.

Having a relationship with God : A relationship with God is essential to knowing if God is speaking. You have to know God and be close to him. You cannot know the voice of somebody you don’t rap with. As a young Christian the little knowledge I had of God saved me from making life long irreparabe mistakes. I thought, “this is the God I know, therefore this can never be from him”. And eventually time showed that I was right and it wasn’t from God.


It wasn’t me, but the spirit of God in me which is why you have to be sure of the God on you. You have to know God first, you have to do be ready to do the work.

That’s it guys. Feel free to tell us how else you think we can determine if God is the one speaking.

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