How NOT to wait for God’s promises to come to pass. 

As Christians,  the way we wait and our attitude while waiting matters to God. There’s no point claiming to wait upon the Lord with an angry, nagging  or entitlement attitude.

Our words, thoughts and our heart while we wait can show whether we truly have faith in God or we are merely going through the motions.

We talked about how to wait upon the Lord in this Post. So now let’s look at ……

How NOT to wait for God’s promises to come to pass. 

1) Waiting angrily.

This is the kind of waiting that comes with resentment and bitterness. At first, you waited patiently and happily for that husband, that job, that ministry or family. But months have turned to years and nothing is showing forth.

You are angry that God is delaying you in the first place, and you see waiting as punishment instead of God taking the time to make everything concerning you perfect. You can’t wait to get what you want so you never have to be in that situation.

Beloved, anger will not solve the problem at hand. When God wants you to wait, it’s not out of malice or evil. Remember his thoughts towards us are of good and not of evil to bring us to an expected end.

Any waiting fueled by anger is not waiting on the Lord.

2) Waiting without faith.

This is when the Lord makes you a promise and you don’t believe it. You are only waiting because you don’t have a choice and not because you believe that it will come to pass.

You try to believe but you can’t bring yourself to believe that what the Lord said will come to pass. What the Lord has said seemed so remote, so impossible , so unbelievable, you forget that with God, nothing shall be impossible.

3) Waiting with impatience.

This means you aren’t fully invested in this waiting period and a part of you gets tired of waiting and can’t wait to move to the next level. Not because you don’t trust God but because you are in a hurry to do stuff, achieve stuff, and access Gods promises. God has been talking to me about my being in a hurry to get to and achieve some things at the times I chose for myself and not at his own time. Basically he’s been like “Get your hands of that doorknob. My time isn’t your time”.

4) Helping God out to make his promise come to pass faster

This is closely related to impatience above. It is the kind of waiting where we try to help God’s promises come to pass. And to be honest, there’s nothing smart about this kind of waiting because God does not need our help for his work. This is the kind of ” helping hand” that Abraham tried to give God by getting Hagai pregnant. We all know how that turned out.

If God has promised something to you, why not hands off completely and let him handle it. Trying to help God out can only lead to chaos. Visiting spiritualists for a child, husband, money when God has promised you a child, husband or wealth is not how to Wait upon the Lord.

5) Waiting with murmuring, nagging, complaints and tears.

Believing in God for something he has promised you means you don’t  get to complain,cry and nag about the waiting period.

Complaining, crying and throwing a pity party means you feel that God is deliberately being unfair or he doesn’t know what he is doing. Some people claim to wait upon the Lord and nag the living daylights out of their family, spouse or pastor’s life. Beloved! That isn’t waiting upon the Lord.

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  • Reply
    May 13, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Ha! Here I come in the volume of the books, it is written of me to do thy will O God!
    I absolutely love all the points you raised about attitudes while waiting on God. You see there is differednt between waiting for God and waiting on God.
    I am actually guilty of a few of the pointsbyou mentioned especially point number 3. Naturally I am an idea guy; always on the toe to find solution to problems as it arises and moreso I am kinda impatient too. God has to deal with me on the impatient aspect, Mehn! I wont lie but I have being imaptient most times on God promises. I am not perfect yet in that area but I have improved.
    To corroborate what you wrote, it is essentially disastrous in trying help God, God can share anything (power, grace, holiness, anointing and so on) with man BUT His Glory.
    The Bible said faithful is he thar calleth thee Who also will do it.
    I really love this article, more graces and anointing Bisi!

    • Reply
      May 15, 2017 at 6:39 pm

      Thank you Immanuel. Waiting for God isn’t waiting on God indeed.
      Yep! I understand it’s hard to hear what God has for us and not be anxious to have it, get it and achieve it. But the truth is there’s a waiting period between the promise and it’s manifestation. Impatience can even extend our waiting time.
      Yeah “helping God out” is a common syndrome I have noticed. God promises you a pilot and you search for one because God has said so. We as Christians have to learn to hands off and let God bring his promises to pass himself. He doesn’t need our help. AT ALL.
      Thanks a lot. Amen and you too.

  • Reply
    May 16, 2017 at 3:08 am

    The point about nagging and complaining reminds me of the Israelites. Those people could complain eh. I mean, they had seen God part the red sea. They saw him deliver them from the hands of a wicked Pharaoh. But they grew impatient along the way.
    And sometimes in our Christian walk, we are like them. We might have seen God work in the past. But at some point our patience might wear out.
    This is such an important reminder to keep trusting God in faith. Thanks Bisi!

    • Reply
      May 16, 2017 at 3:17 pm

      Those Israelites had a master degree in nagging and complaining lol. They sure could complain.The Bible called it murmuring but it’s just plain complaining. They actually told Moses they would have preferred to die in Egypt. Such ingratitude.
      You are right, a lot of us are like them in our Christian walk. God does marvelous things in our lives but the moment we encounter difficulty we develop amnesia.
      Yes it is. Thank you to Precious.

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