Hezekiah: Talking to God ourselves and laying it all out on the table( 2)


Hiya Fam! So today we continue with our Bible study on Hezekiah and focus on the kind of leadership traits he had and lessons I learnt from his life and his relationship with God. Pls read The first part here if you missed it.

Text : 2nd Chronicles.

Hezekiah must have been a charismatic and good leader.

To get stubborn people like the Israelites to fall in line with his worship for God is no mean feat but he achieved it by carrying them along and leading them to do the right thing. He did not force them.

In 30:12 the crowd removed the altars, cleared away the incense altars and threw them away. These are the same people who went into idol worship of their own volition.

In 31:1 we see something similar on the parts of the Israelites who destroyed altars in Judah before leaving.

He understood the value of encouraging people.

He spoke encouragingly to the Levites in 30:12. He encouraged the assembly to bring sacrifices, thank offerings and burnt offerings. He didn’t force them.

He led by example.

The king knelt down and worshiped God and ordered praises. Vs 29. He was not too big to kneel before God. He also provided a thousand bulls, 7000 sheep, and goats.

He made the people happy. 30:26 says

There was great joy in Jerusalem, for since the days of Solomon son of David king of Israel there had been nothing like this in Jerusalem.


I know it can be hard. But we have to be confident that God is faithful to those that love and honour him and we should not be shy to bank on that fact. Be confident in the faithfulness of your God.

God hears prayers and sees our tears.


He told Hezekiah as much in Isaiah 38:5. The things that makes us scared, afraid, worries us, and pains us deep in our hearts don’t escape God’s notice.

God can send his words concerning our prayers through another person.

Sure God can tell us himself, but sometimes he could send a word from another person. Look at Isaiah telling Hezekiah what the Lord said concerning his prayer.

We shouldn’t be scared of boasts and threatening of the enemies. 

No matter how bleak it all seems or how powerful and oppressive they appear to be, all power belongs to God.

We shouldn’t wait for trouble to come before we get close to God.

In 2 Chronicles 30 :8,we see Hezekiah pray to God. His above petitions was not an impulse thing. He was a man of prayer even before trouble came.

In 30:20 we are told God heard Hezekiah and healed the people. This means that before the King if Assyria came to threaten him and before Isaiah came with his death prophecy, Hezekiah and God had a relationship.

God answers prayers.

No matter how silly, feel free to tell it to Jesus. Imagine if Hezekiah had protested his death verdict in todays world, people would have judged him for fighting the will of God, not wanting to die or being wordly. Hezekiah was not ashamed to tell God he didn’t want to die yet. Simple.

Some things are between you and God.

Cultivate a personal, intimate relationship with him. You don’t even have to tell your pastor. Tell it to Jesus. If Hezekiah could do that in the time of the prophets, how much more now when the Holy Spirit lives inside us and we have direct access to the father.


Pray can cancel negative reports.

Don’t be afraid to cancel any report you don’t like no matter who delivers it. Be it pastor or prophet. cancel it with prayer and the blood of Jesus . Note that it was same Isaiah that delivered the gloomy news that God sent back to deliver the good news. If God could cancel, how much more this fake prophets prophesying “you will die early, you will not marry early, you must get pregnant before marriage else you will be barren after marriage”.

Our work in the time of peace will speak for us in time of trouble. 

Hezekiah’s devotion to God spoke for him. God sees all that we do for him.

We are humans and prone to mistakes.

Even after all that he did Hezekiah became proud 32:25) but he repented.

That’s it guys on this king called Hezekiah. Bible study continues. Anyone who wants to do a study on a particular character is welcome to try. Send me an email bisola@sisterbisi.com

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  • Reply
    May 10, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Hey Bisi! Thanks for this rich post! Rich in revelation. I especially love the part about the power of prayer and keeping our closeness with God. Lately I’ve been listening to preaches on YouTube and I’m currently reading 1 Samuel. it’s amazing how quickly the devil reacts to God’s children drawing closer to him cause some strange stuff have been happening to frustrate me. But under the shadow of his wings, no harm will come to us. Amen

    • Reply
      May 11, 2017 at 8:51 pm

      Thanks dear. I appreciate your words.

      Of course Joan, our knowing the word more and getting closer to God is a fear of Satan. He would rather we remain in ignorance. It is therefore to be expected that he would stage counter attacks in one form of the other to discourage or frustrate us. It just shows that we’re on the right track and that those little moves of ours to know God deeper have great spiritual impact. You may not have taken cognisance if not for the strange stuff.

      Amen. No harm indeed. We are covered and even if we pass through fire it will never burn us. We won’t even smell of smoke.

  • Reply
    May 13, 2017 at 8:09 pm

    Hmmmm. Deep stuff


    Who would have thought that God judgement cant be repeal. I mean in those days prophets word were law. If prophet Isaiah told you are dead, just simply go home, prepare your bed and be expecting death any minute.
    Some curious part of me believed God was simply testing Hezekiah what his reaction will be about the death verdict. At a glance it look like God was contradicting himself but Gods ways are not our ways.

    I really connect with all the lessons you drew out .

    More graces

    • Reply
      May 15, 2017 at 6:50 pm

      That’s the beauty of this particular Bible study. It raises a lot of deep contemplative stuff. What would have happened if Hezekiah had kept quiet? Maybe God was testing him? What’s the line and when do we accept some stuff as God’s will as Christians and reject some stuff etc.

      Lol at if prophet Isaiah told anyone they were dead……
      I wonder what went through Prophet Isaiah’s mind when God sent him back to Hezekiah . I wonder if that was the first time God sent him back to cancel a prophecy or if it had happened before and we didn’t hear of it.

      Yeah! That’s possible. And sure God does not contradict himself. He is not human and we cannot fathom his logic.
      Thank you so much Immanuel. I appreciate your kind words.

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