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Hi Guys! You remember we talked about how to wait upon the Lord and how the way we wait matters, let’s read Pastor Mildred’s amazing testimony about patiently waiting for her testimonies and the real meaning of patience while waiting upon the Lord.

David: “Ummy! Ummy! Ummy!!!” Running (in his mind) as fast as his chubby legs can carry him

Davida: “Mummyyyy!!!” Running towards me arms open wide

Dassah: “Aaaaaaaah! Mummy is back yay!” Hopping around dancing.

Music to my ears. I still remember when I would walk through my doors to dead silence. Today it feels surreal. How can I be a mother of three? Me? Mummy? Me?! Ummy? Me?! I’m still in shock.

So sometimes when I fall on my knees or my arms are outstretched in total adoration of this God my miracle worker. The God of whom I’ve tasted of his power I do it not caring who is around.

The God who would take me from a young girl with no hope of being a mother to this a mother of three amazing gifts from God.

Now I think about it. It was a process that only God could have taken me through. I kept getting instructions from the Holy Spirit on what to do, how to live and how to make sure I didn’t miss my season when it was my turn to testify.

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  • Reply
    April 25, 2017 at 4:17 am

    Such a wonderful testimony, Bisi!
    Waiting is never easy. But in our season of waiting we can choose to make the most of it or we could just lay there and complain. Good to see how Pastor Mildred waited. Thank God for blessing her. And thank you for sharing, dear.

    • Reply
      April 26, 2017 at 7:00 am

      Yeah. You can say that again. We can chose to make the most of it or just whine and complain. Not that complaining even hastens things up, it even worsens it.
      You are welcome dearest, Thanks for reading.

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