The time I was falsely accused

It’s not a fun thing thing to be accused of what you didn’t do. I mean, if I did it, fine. Do with me what you will. But to bear the brunt of what I didn’t do really sucks. Or it would have sucked.

Let me gist you about the time I was wrongly accused. I was in my third or fourth year in the University, and I lived in a flat with two other girls.

Right next to ours was a three bedroom flat housing NCCF Corpers. The flats had a front door and a back door so that fateful day, a Saturday I think, I called two young Ebira girls to fetch water for me.It was their first time of coming to work for me so I opened the back door for them, and spotted a phone on the floor. The back door of the Corpers was also open and there was a lady washing plates or cooking or something. I paid both her and the phone no attention and went back inside. The girls finished with the chores and I paid them off.

I probably slept and went later to the Video Club on the Street to get some movies to watch. Not quite long after, some Corpers came to knock on our door. To my surprise and amusement I learnt that I was accused of stealing the lady’s phone.

They asked me if I saw the phone and I dunno if they expected me to lie but I saw it, so why deny it. So I said yes I saw it, and told them that in fact that kind of phone wasn’t even up to the kind of phone I used and that the thought that flashed through my mind when I saw it was that the phone was old fashioned.

My people! That was like a confessional statement to their ears. If you saw how triumphant they were. I may have told them to come search my room or something but to them, not finding it didn’t mean I didn’t steal it. Toh! The trip to the video club apparently may have been a guise to hide my ill gotten loot. Lol.

My people, it wasn’t funny, and I talked and talked. My parents were abroad then, so to be accused of stealing a cheap phone was ludicrous. I took them to my room so they could see for themselves but I was just talking. Them no gree. Unfortunately for me , the girls I lived with weren’t around, the ones around were friends of one of them and we weren’t in great terms. They couldn’t offer any support or attestation. They were more interested in the unfolding drama.

When I saw that all my talk talk no result in acquittal, I talked to the Guy with them. I remember that his name was Evans, and told them all I knew of the matter which was that I knew nothing. I had an idea, which was for all of us to go to the house where those two girls lived and ask them.

Guess what happened? Immediately we got there, the phone was immediately surrendered. Apparently their parents or guardians discovered the phone or they confessed to stealing it or something and they brought it out. I still wonder if they would have brought it if we hadn’t gone there. We lived just few houses away.

I was so livid. But also relieved. And I went back to the Corpers flat to shout or curse at that girl or something. Lol. See ehn! Forget my bold face. It was just God. False accusation is nothing to be trifled with.

What if those two girls hadn’t confessed? I may have been able to talk my way out of the accusation but that smear would ever have left me. I would have had to deal with suspicious looks and jeers. My friends may have believed me but the Corpers would take sides with one of their own. Note that they were quite a lot since it was free accommodation and they were mostly Igbos/ South South Corpers so it was them against me. If they abused me would I even understand the language?

I was reading a post on SDK and this stuff happens more than we think.  Matters get worse when the accusers decide to go diabolical to find out the culprit . We all know those things aren’t foolproof. Do you know the number of marriages that have broken up on this false accusation issue? Sometimes parents are the ones who accuse their children of taking money they didn’t take. Sometimes, it happens in Boarding School, and you know mob action nah? You never live it down.

Till date, it’s very hard of me to accuse people publicly? What if I am wrong? The person would find it hard to forgive me. One time my Uncle’s wife came visiting. After she left, I noticed that something was missing. My mum almost called her but I stopped her even though I was petrified because it was a personal item and the only reason for her to have stolen it was to use it diabolically .

We searched and found it under the Chair, apparently, a rat dragged it from the room it was to the Sitting room. Now can you tell me that the woman would have forgiven us for accusing her of being diabolical? We had no proof except that the stuff disappeared after she left our house.

Sometimes, it’s good to raise alarm early, but we need to be careful. Especially when it comes to family and friends . One time my bunkmate in boarding school said I took her slippers and she found it soon after. Msheeew.

So guys! You know how we do. Who has been falsely accused before? If you haven’t, what do you think of this post?

Oh! And Evans the Corper tried toasting me after, but the answer was Nah.

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  • Reply
    February 9, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    I’m glad you were able to exonerate yourself. But what if the girls hadn’t surrendered the phone??
    False accusation is not funny at all. I try to let go if I don’t know the real backstory of an issue. Imagine the incident with your uncle’s wife. Ha. You would have strained the relationship because of suspicion.
    Lol at Evans the corper. He didn’t want to miss the opportunity.

    • Reply
      February 9, 2017 at 5:47 pm

      My dear, thank God for exoneration.
      What if they hadn’t surrendered the phone indeed! It would have been my word against the phone owner’s.
      I was just happy. I won’t wish that kind of stuff on my worst enemy. As I said I don’t mind taking the blame for what I did, but what I didn’t do and being blamed for it sucks big time.
      Yes oh. Letting go is just the best. No matter how much the stuff is, if there’s no concrete proof then it’s better to let go. Even if there is proof sef, wisdom is needed.
      Honestly! That relationship may have been strained for life. She would always hesitate to come to our house for fear of being accused of stealing something.
      No mind Mr Evans.

  • Reply
    February 9, 2017 at 8:46 pm

    Lmao Evans the corper is a sharp guy. Very sharp one. Oh, I hate being accused falsely. Like, I really do detest it. The sad thing is I tend to get all emotional and start crying which could make things worse. And it’s annoying how people think when you’re defending yourself aggressively, it means you’re guilty.

    • Reply
      February 9, 2017 at 9:50 pm

      My dear, it’s not only you. Only those who have felt ever encountered it can describe how powerless you feel at that moment.
      Awwww. Cry baby. Lol. I would cry too. But probably when I am alone. But I get how crying at that moment can’t make things worse. Thing is tears or anger won’t change their minds at that moment. You cry, they say it’s crocodile tears, you shout and they say its out of guilt. When they have made up their mind that it’s you, it’s only God that can exonerate somebody.
      It’s no wonder that people that are accused find it hard to forgive sometimes. It’s a really hard thing to forget the humilation.
      Thanks dear.

  • Reply
    Immanuel (D'Dream)
    February 10, 2017 at 1:03 pm

    Oh my! False accusations aren’t funny at all. How many relationships strained/destroyed, lives lost and properties destroyed based on the premises of false accusation.

    one thing I think is that generally speaking, people are naturally impatient, judgemental and accusatory in nature – it is part of the nature we inherited from Satan through Adams fall (remember Satan has been on the ministry of accuser of brethren since time immemorial)

    it’s only the love of God that’s shed abroad in our heart by the help of the HolySpirit that can help eradicate that nature as much as we allow Him.

    I can imagine the torturous and emotionally draining circumstance you found yourself back then. not a pleasant experience at all, what if the phone hasn’t be found………mehn it will have been worst. But thank God who always cause us to triumph in Christ . Thank God for God o

    As per Evans the sharp guy……….. I raise the sign of the cross over your head, Lol

    Lemme come and start going , my comment is becoming longer than the post itself

    • Reply
      February 10, 2017 at 10:49 pm

      I agree completely . It’s not funny at all plus people have that inherent nature in them as you said, suspicious, impatient, accusatory.
      It wasn’t funny. Thank God for exoneration. I am sure It won’t be an incident I would forget in a hurry how much more if the phone hadn’t been found.
      Ha. Lol at Evans. I hope I am not even confusing him with another toasting corper.
      Don’t come and start going oh. Feel free to make post like comments sef .No yawa.

  • Reply
    February 10, 2017 at 11:10 pm

    I really wonder how people can accuse someone without evidence. You know if that incident happened in town, things might have gotten out of hand, with you stripped naked thanks to jungle justice executors and we won’t be reading the story today (who would ever admit to being stripped over wrong accusation, hahaha!!!) My cousin once accused my younger brother of stealing her memory card simply because she couldn’t see the picture she used as screensaver/wallpaper on the screen. She came back all the way from her house to accuse my brother who didn’t even have a phone then just because he was the one that helped her plug it to charge. Mum defended her son and told cousin to check her phone well and then she saw it right where it’s supposed to be. My brother wasn’t even bothered, but mum was very heartbroken and cousin didn’t even apologize. False accusers are usually too proud to admit they were wrong. Corper Evans! Trust dudes not to let an opportunity to toast pass by…

    • Reply
      February 11, 2017 at 5:53 pm

      My dear, the rule about evidence and proof are forgotten at that moment.
      Hahahah. Thank God it didn’t go that way. Of course stuff like that does happen. Maybe I wouldn’t have had the liver to share the story but I likely would, even if anonymously.
      That your cousin no try. Memory card of all things. Thank God for your mum. We need stalwart and vocal defenders in those kind of situations.
      And she was even too proud to apologize. Imagine! Thank God it was found.
      Lol. I just somehow never fancied the then Corpers.

  • Reply
    Grace junkie
    February 11, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    Hmm, I can totally relate. When I was 13 years,I was accused of stealing someone’s five thousand naira. It wasn’t funny at all. Five thousand was a big deal den. The money wasn’t even found on me. I was beaten and stripped. Just because I was close to the bag. And the most annoying thing is that it was for a woman I respected a lot. She was even a “mummy pastor” My mum didn’t believe me. (I used to pilfer then),but not even up to one hundred naira. I suffered ehn. I suspected the woman’s sister of stealing the money and in my pain I got naked in the middle of the night and cursed her that she wouldn’t give birth if she was the one that stole it. Omo,the incident wasn’t just funny at all jare.

    • Reply
      February 11, 2017 at 5:48 pm

      For sure 5k was a big deal then. Even now sef, if you lose it won’t you miss it?
      Heya! Such Humiliaton must have hurt so much. I know it must still rankle but I hope you have managed to forgive her.
      I would have thought a “mummy pastor ” would have been a tide more forgiving.
      Your mum not believing you must have hurt. Sorry about that.
      I feel you. Such incidents are never funny. Even years after.
      Welcome here. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Reply
    February 14, 2017 at 11:30 am

    Oh dear. What an experience. Lol. (We can laugh about it now, right? That’s the beauty of painful experiences like this. We learn and grow through them.)

    Never been accused, however I can’t imagine putting up a bond face like you did. My soft voice will give me away. I might even start to cry. Lol.

    On a serious note, accusing someone falsey without an evidence is a sin. (read that in the Bible some days back while using the Open Heavens devotional).

    Pele dear

    • Reply
      February 14, 2017 at 3:09 pm

      Of course we can laugh. Laugh away jare. May we not see such again.
      Yes oh! I learnt from it too. Being flippant about the phone cost or quality didn’t help matters.
      Well! The boldness may just come on you suddenly, then again you could cry and they will just forgive you, or use it as evidence. Lol.
      Actually! I was incredulous and annoyed that someone would accuse me of stealing that sort of phone so that gave me mouth. Lol. Not like I am bold like that oh. Let’s just say I have my days
      Yes oh! All those false accusers need to know that.
      Thanks Amaka. I hear you.

  • Reply
    March 3, 2017 at 10:44 pm

    hmm! For reasons that I can not imagine, I have lived through quite a number of false accusations. It was NEVER funny. sometimes I would cry, other times I would say 1 sentence and shrug it off, other times e go turn to fight; different situations and different groups of people. That has stopped quite a while ago though, thank God. Being a victim is not funny o. Now, until I see you actively involved with my two naked eyes, I won’t even ask talk more of accuse someone. Who knows, maybe I would have turned out to be one superintendent accuser or something like that 🙂

    • Reply
      March 4, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      Of course it cannot be funny. No matter how often it occurs each false accusation rankles.
      Lol at “e go turn to fight”. I see how someone accusing you of what you didn’t do can turn physical or to an exchange of words real quickly.
      Thank God it’s stopped.
      Yes oh. Being accused falsely makes you open your mouth less quickly to accuse someone else.
      I would rather keep quiet than accuse someone wrongly to their face.
      Thank you dear. We have missed you here.

  • Reply
    Yetunde Olasiyan
    April 27, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    Eeya. After reading this through, I was so happy you were exonerated. I can’t really imagine having to go through such humiliation. Thank God for your life

    • Reply
      April 29, 2017 at 7:13 pm

      Thanks dear. Imagine the tons of people who are accused daily and never get exonerated. Some die with that tag still hanging about them. God help us.

  • Reply
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