What you need to know about the mysterious and powerful Blood of Jesus

I can’t honestly say that I have always known the mystery and power in the Blood of Jesus. In my pre born again days, it was always something I mouthed mechanically like a robot, and even after I became born again I can’t say I realized just how powerful that Blood was.

But after a while I could not help but realize that anytime I used it,  it was working. It really was working, and anytime I applied it I was sure to see the results. It is a weapon that I cannot deny and I want you to be aware of its potency too.

One thing we have to be aware of is that Blood on its own is powerful. Shed blood is powerful, shed innocent blood is powerful which is why a lot of ritualists, herbalists and priests carry out sacrifices with blood of animals and human beings.

Look at the words God spoke to Cain about his brother Abel.

David on different occasions made sure to tell the men who were responsible for killing innocent people that ” May his Blood be upon you ” .

My people, if blood of human beings who are mere dust is that powerful just because it was shed, then please know that the Blood of Jesus is much more powerful. It is the Blood of the son of God, shed for the remission of sins, it’s the blood that sanctifies us. It is a blood that can never finish, it is still flowing, it lives. I have heard testimonies of people who had revelations of that Blood, powerful, living and flowing.

I also heard another testimony of a man who was attacked by demonic forces, he called everything he could call, but nothing stopped them. Do you know what did? The Blood of Jesus.

No wonder Revelation 12:11 says


That scripture was one of the first I memorized. I didn’t fully understand it then, but I memorized it. When you read from verse 7, you realize that there was War in heaven. War! Against Satan, and the Blood of Jesus was instrumental in Michael and the archangels defeating him. They overcame, they won, they had victory. We too can have victory in whatever battle we are fighting.

Here are three ways I apply the mysterious and powerful Blood of Jesus.

1) Plead it.

Anywhere, anyhow, anywhere. Let’s get into the habit of pleading the Blood of Jesus.  Sometimes nameless fear or dread just comes and it can help to plead the Blood of Jesus. It could also be in a dangerous situations, or to get relief, it could be to overcome temptation, it could be after a bad dream.

2) Sprinkle it physically.

This was one of my first experiences with the Blood of Jesus. I noticed that I get attacked spiritually when I sleep in some places.  One day I travelled and I stayed with family, i forgot to pray and sanctify the environment before I slept or something, I slept and had an attack I can never ever forget in my life. It was a dream and a vision in one.  I was petrified, I was scared. I woke up suddenly, and I have never forgotten that experience. Before I sleep in any place , even if it’s with family or a hotel, I plead the Blood of Jesus. I sprinkle it by faith or pray unto some water and then sprinkle it.

3) Drinking it.

The Blood of Jesus also works for me in times of sickness.

It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go to the Hospital. I do too. But I also maximize the power of healing of the Blood of Jesus. I simulate drinking it or I pray into water and drink it. It always works.

Instances where you can use the Blood of Jesus are limitless. It neutralizes poison, neutralizes the effects of food in the dream, it is a weapon of spiritual warfare , it’s great for protection, I use it when praying for family and friends, when traveling, it causes chaos in the spiritual realm, it also cleanses us from filth and sin. It is what washes our sins away and makes us white as snow.

What you need is to have faith and to make sure you are living right with God. It is a powerful weapon, but you have to ensure you are qualified to handle it. You have to recognize Jesus, he has to be your lord and Saviour, you have to know him and be washed clean by that Blood.

That is it guys. Thus is one of those sudden unplanned posts.

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  • Reply
    January 18, 2017 at 10:09 am

    This article is an eye opening one, especially the different applications of the blood. yes, there is something mysterious,and powerful about blood not to talk about the blood of the land (Christ). The blood always won when all else fail (I am saying this from experience)

    Thanks so much for sharing this, I pray this post blesses others tremendously as it did me.

    • Reply
      January 18, 2017 at 2:43 pm

      You are correct. Even ordinary blood is mysterious. How much more the Blood of the Lamb.
      Thanks for your kind words and for your testimony.
      Amen. Thanks again.

  • Reply
    January 21, 2017 at 4:38 am

    Whooooosh! This one literally knocked the air out of me. Yes, yes, there is power in the Blood. Wow this knowledge of the power of the Blood that we all have access to, even little old me, is honestly overwhelming. Thanks for giving me insight into just how powerful blood and especially the Blood of Jesus is. I can go about now, knowing how much power I have through my savior Jesus. Nice one Bisi 🙂

    • Reply
      January 21, 2017 at 8:05 pm

      My dear E, we all need to have that knowledge.
      There’s immense power in the Blood of Jesus and Satan takes advantage of our ignorance
      Immense power dear. Immense power. That Blood was shed for us for our atonement.It does so many other stuff. The Blood of the Son of God. It can wash sins away. Can you imagine that?
      No matter how filthy,how bad our past is, the Blood can wash us.
      I agree, if one thinks about it deeply, it can be overwhelming. And the best part is we have access to it.
      Yes dear. Thanks a lot for your comment. It was just laid into my Spirit to share, especially with the personal encounters I have had with that Blood.

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