From me to you with lots and lots of love

This is for you. Yes you! Wonderful you. ( Don’t ask if I baked it) lol. You have been reading my posts and commenting and i am so grateful.

I remember that my very first post was This one.

It was not just a first post, it was a reminder to myself on just why I was starting this blog, on the fears that held me back, on leaping from the imaginary cliff blind folded and trusting in God, ignoring the doubts and fears of privacy invasion, “what if I didn’t have what it takes, what if nobody reads it”  and so on, worry at being teased by my friends if they ever get to see this…..etc.

I was so nervous before telling my siblings and a few friends about this blog. There was no fuss at all after I did. I was like ” Why was I nervous sef?”. My brother knows about my first blog because I fuad a birthday post for him one time, but no one else knows in my family about the other one and this one. My sister knew I had a blog but I never told her the name.

Believe me, as much as I knew that I had to start this blog, it wasn’t easy at all ; Especially for a shy person like me. This is the first Blog where people know my name. Lol. That was why it had to be the first post. As a reminder to me and to you to just ignore our fears and to trust in God, sometimes if you don’t do it afraid, you may NEVER do it at all.

In the early days after this blog started, I got a bit discouraged. I don’t know what led me to Frances’s blog that evening but the post I ran into seemed to be talking to me. It was simple . ” Be faithful in the little things”. How can God trust you with the big stuff when you can’t be faithful with the small one? She drew some examples with her Ministry, and I felt ashamed of myself. I had just barely started and I was ready to give up. Yet, I expected bigger assignment when I knew I was yet to even finish the small one.

This blog has a specific mission and vision, based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, and I hope I don’t ever forget why I started it.

Just in case you prefer Chocolate

So this is my twenty fifth post on this platform………and I am thankful to everyone who has commented or emailed me so far.  You guys are amazeballs….and I am ordaining you into the sisterbisi hall of fame….lol.

Thanks guys…I am humbled. All of your comments and mails lift my spirits and encourage me more than you realize.

I am also happy about the people I have connected to on this platform. I am grateful at the opportunity to connect and to get to know you guys better, and make new friends.

This is from me to you, with all my love, wishing you a happy New Year in advance.

I pray that God will show himself in your lives , and that the grace and mercies of God will never depart from you and your household in Jesus Name. Amen.

I have some new stuff planned for this blog in 2017 by the grace of God. I pray for grace, strength, willpower, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and inspiration. I pray same for you guys too. Both on your blogs and in your personal lives.

As you can see, the blog has a new theme already. Do you like it? It’s too late to return it oh. Lol. 

Thank Guys. You all rock. Love you all. See y’all in 2017.


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    Live In Ibadan
    January 3, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    And she decided to tempt us with some cake! I thought you will give us some through the screen

    • Reply
      January 4, 2017 at 8:20 am

      Lol. So you like cake too. Yeas nah! I was giving it to you through the screen.

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