Is your job making you unhappy? Nine tips on coping



One may be lucky enough to have a source of income, but instead of feeling lucky or happy you are stressed and unhappy.Reasons for this may include: General job dissatisfaction a.k.a I hate my job, difficult/wicked bosses, nosey or gossiping colleagues ( you know that feeling when you enter a room and it goes quiet).

Office rivalry, sexual discrimination and/or harassment , low salary , unhealthy work atmosphere, favoritism etc. If you have worked in a position below your qualifications, you could also be unhappy with your job.

1) Don’t keep your dissatisfaction bottled up.

Talk to your colleagues and even your bosses for some perspective.  You get to know if it’s a general feeling or just you. You can also talk to friends and family or just write it down in a diary. You can even open a blog. But if your Boss catches you, no be me oh. Don’t be tempted to vent on social media. I heard about a guy who wrote that he hated his job on social media. His Boss read it and he got sacked.

2) Confrontation.

And I don’t mean the shouting kind. I mean the kind that has to with dialogue, where you seek out whoever is responsible for making you uncomfortable at work and confront them. this could be a colleague makes you uncomfortable or the Boss who likes to belittle you or call you names. You can politely find out what the problem is and ask if they have any issues with you

3) Leave work at Work.

To be honest, I need to take this advice too. I tend to take work home in my head.

I remember in the early days when someone upset me at work. I would go to Church straight from Work and not be able to concentrate. I would go over what happened in my head and fume till the service ended, and then go home and tell whoever would listen about what happened at Work. Lol. Now, I force myself to let it go.

4) Pray about it.

To be honest prayer can be therapeutic. Just saying out loud what you are going through and what you need can remove worry and sadness from our minds. God can tell you what to do or say next, or show you what he has in store for you.

5) Do things and have other interests that can take your mind off work.

Don’t give yourself too much free time to dwell on work. Go out, get involved in Church activities, attend parties, meet new people, watch  movies, volunteer, take part in sport activities, join a gym, tweet, snapchat. Just do something that can take your mind off work.

6)Explore other options.

If you feel getting another job is the solution, then start applying at other places. You have to exercise patience and I don’t recommend telling anyone at your workplace about your plans until you need to resign. You can also look at acquiring a skill or setting up your own Business. Many a person has set up their own Business because they couldn’t stand their boss.

7) Develop yourself.

Now is the time to learn stuff and acquire other skills that can serve you well when you do get a new job. And even if you do desire to stay in your present one, getting a Degree if you don’t have one yet, a Masters Degree, Writing and passing professional exams like ICAN for instance can give you instant promotion which can improve your self esteem, confidence and your salary.

Plus you may even be on the same level as your former Boss. #Evil laugh.

8) Exercise Patience.

Even if it feels like your boss is determined to frustrate you or the job is below your qualifications, please be patient. Most times all they want is to get a rise out of you or Show you they are the Boss. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Bide your time until something changes.

When I look back at the Boss who always sent me to buy food, I am amazed at how patient i was. I managed my annoyance till I left there. No shouting matches or fights. I am sure he thought I was very gentle and calm. But my turn was coming. When I left , he didn’t get any notice. I told him I was traveling back home and I have never set my eyes again. Lol.

9)Self examine yourself, and take responsibility.

Be honest enough to ask if you are in anyway responsible for what is happening at your work place. Could it be in your head? Are you cordial to your colleagues? Do you perceive them as snobby meanwhile they think the same of you too, do you gossip about them and now you are angry because the table have turned on you. Did you make any complaints when your boss started sexually harassing and threatening you? Did you make any promises you didn’t keep, Do you under deliver, meet your targets? Are you lazy? etc.

It is important to to be honest because if the issues stem from you, then you will have the same issues in the next place you go to.

P.S. In some instances, it’s not advisable to spend one more minute at that job. A post titled “Signs you should leave that job NOW” or a similar title should be up in January.

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  • Reply
    December 19, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    Nos 3, 4, 5, 6, 8&9 helped me a lot with my former job. the bulk of issues were with some my senior colleagues who nagged cos they had HND. whereas i’m nt one that put such to mind- I was having normal r/ship with them bt they were just lazy while I detest indolence. in short, they were taken aback&one very arrogant one started telling stories of ow she would av left earlier when I started processing my resignation for a better place. lol.hmmm oga would send me ‘amala’ too bt I kept looking unto Jesus…
    sory for d long tori

    • Reply
      December 19, 2016 at 10:00 pm

      My dear, inferiority complex can give rise to all sorts of issues especially at work. If you say something normal, they will tag it something else. Thank God you left.
      Loool at amala. My then Boss loved rice and beans. He would then give me options in case I didn’t see any if what he sent me. The guy wasn’t even a lawyer oh. Imagine!
      My dear, looking unto Jesus is the key. Those Bosses can make someone start questioning God. It’s like they think that you will never leave. Which is always funny to me.
      4, 5, 6, 8 , and 9 is what helped me. While there, i explored other options but I left even before they came through. Thankfully, I got a better job from one of my options 2-3 months after.

  • Reply
    December 21, 2016 at 11:51 pm

    A-ha! I love this post. Before now, my number list would be to quit any job that gives me unnecessary stress. Lol. But now, I know better.

    These are great tips. I particularly like #7 and #9.

    I Got A Dream Job

    • Reply
      December 22, 2016 at 7:47 pm

      Thank you dear.
      Life after graduation teaches one patience, tolerance and a renewed appreciation of one’s source of income. Quitting jobs anyhow isn’t the solution if one can still manage the situation.

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