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Hi guys! Good thing it’s Friday right? What do you have planned for the weekend?

You probably can’t tell ( or maybe you can) but I am an avid reader……and right from the first moment I discovered books….. I was in primary school then and we had ” Thomas the tank engine” kind of books in our library.

I was sooooo happy.

I am melancholic by nature so those books afforded me the opportunity to be in my own world. I could grab a book, and be in Paris or Dublin or even Onitsha here in Nigeria……… Lol. And I did not discriminate, every thing my little hands saw to grab, I grabbed…. And read…… chai! The number of books my two eyes have read ehn…….nothing makes me bond extra with you than knowing you are a book lover….somehow most of my closest friends were all book lovers…….

I was not yet ten when I started reading full length novels…I remember one book ” Jezebel ” on Catherine de Medici that I read as a pre teen. It was my dad’s book.i inherited his reading habit.

Luckily, reading books have their advantages,  it helped my writing, spelling etc. let’s just say I never failed English…( Maths is another matter entirely lol).

As I have grown older of course, I now watch the stuff I read. I remember one horror book I read in boarding house which gave me the creeps for years…….besides as a Christian, I have to watch what I digest….it’s so easy to start imagining or fantasizing on stuff you read which is why it’s important to sieve what goes in.

Apart from not having the time nowadays, I started choosing my books on quality… I try to avoid sexually explicit stuff  ( along the line I started buying British books as I love the subdued tone of their romance books (Nothing lewd or pornographic)all those Mills and Boon kinda books also had to go, I mean I believe in romance but this is 2016 abeg……when last did I see a horse talkless of a knight in shining armor…. Or a ranch….I kid.

I have a ton of novels in my house I keep hoping I can somehow read…not happening anytime soon….I am on leave now but I already have some other books I have to finish before this leave runs out…I am making progress…thank God.


One of the stuff I am reading out for a review.

I feel the advent of social media has somehow lessened the ardor of books.. I have one or two books on my iPad…but give me a good old book anytime….I really don’t like reading E- books . Blogs of course are another matter entirely. I go through more than sixty/hundred pages sometimes. I read extra fast…. The only thing suffering is my poor eyes……

So about the giveaway, for sure you know it’s books…and this is for book lovers…

This is for two people reading this, living in Lagos or Ibadan,  who love books and could do with a free one. ………..


1)Subscribe to our mailing list.

2) Drop a comment below (Make sure the email you enter is valid oh) telling us the kind of books you like to read and why…….the winners will be chosen by me or randomly generated…………………


After you win, if you win, you get to choose a book in any  category you like under Christian books at Laterna Books website ( motivational. Relationship, fiction, personal development, faith, etc) not more than 2000 Naira abeg…… know we are in……………I will announce the winners before the month ends.You get the book ending of November. 

Friends and family are Sorry! you can borrow books from me ehn…

so let’s get this going……..Make sure you subscribe…..

P.S……I am thinking of starting an online book club soon….where we can chose a book, something not too expensive, an easily accessible one or one we can order from an online store,read and review…………..


If there’s anyone in your city, you can share books too…..

whatdya think?……Good idea?

p.p.s. I thought of choosing the books but my taste in books may not be yours… I am leaving it up to the two winners… choice of fiction would have included books from Frank Peretti, Francine Rivers……etc…….suggestions are welcome……


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  • Reply
    November 19, 2016 at 12:36 pm

    We are same when it comes to book… Once we moved from our former environment to a new one, in the process and because I wasn’t around at home, my books went missing….. Over 500 of them. Surprised at he number right?

    My elder brother and sisters felt ere was no point bringing all those already read books to the new house. I was in boarding school then.

    I came back and learned about it, I couldn’t sleep or eat for days. Immediately I got myself back, all the money I had on me went to my local books collector where I buy from.

    He was even surprised that day seeing me bought over 20 at a go. Normally I buy not more than 3.. I told him about the situation and because of the business friendship we have developed spanning over 5 years, he gave me 6 extra FREE…. Today I still have over 2k plus books, mostly romance and thrillers.

    One thing about reading books as you rightly stated is that at that moment, while you are sitting in your couch at home, your mind and entire spirit is at the location of any scene you are reading. You become a first person narrator for your self.

    As for mathematics, let’s leave it for another day too… Loooool

    • Reply
      November 19, 2016 at 9:07 pm

      Kai! 500 books gone like that… I think I would have fallen sick and not recovered until I got those books back…. Lol………
      Five hundred…….
      Your folks didn’t know that it doesn’t matter if you have read them or not, they are yours and you just want them close by……..
      The thing is doing me somehow and it’s not even my books… Lemme calm down.

      One way to put yourself in my book black book is to borrow a book and not return, or worse to return it torn…..chai! I give you one or two more tries, and put you in my mental blacklist…you don’t get to borrow bestsellers orang of my favorite books.
      Mba….na to dey borrow you books that either aren’t interesting or that I don’t care what happens to it.
      People don’t understand how possessive book lovers are about our books.

      The book collector guy was so nice. He understood….at least you were a little consoled…
      Mathematics! Another day indeed. Don’t get me started……it showed me shege..

    Leave a Reply