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Hi guys. Happy new week.How did your Sunday go?

As for me, I went to church, I learnt something more about our authority of proclamation as Christians. That is, our words and confessions have power, so we should use it for positive proclamations.

When you look at it, God said โ€ let there be light” out loud. And light came immediately. As in he spoke the words out.  He had the authority, and the power. Dem no born light well make it no appear. Lol.

“Words with Authority have Power”

We as Christians have that power and authority too. Jesus Christ said in Luke 10:17 that he gave us power to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy.

” Words with Power carry Authority”

I want to utilize the power in positive confessions more. Who is with me?

In Sunday school, we talked about different categories of lifestyles: obedient , righteous, worldly , lifestyle , sinful etc. It was interesting trying to find examples of each lifestyle in the Bible. Of course Abraham’ s name was mentioned more than once.  While Herod, Jezebel  and Pharaoh also featured. No takers on the category the latter fell into. Lol.

So that was it for Sunday. Plus eating and sleeping. After church of course. Lol.

Now your turn ? Did you go to Church? What did you learn? What else were you up to?

Wish you guys a great week.God bless you and protect you in Jesus name. Amen

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