Finding friendship and love on social media. Does the channel really matter?

It goes without saying that people are falling in love with people they met on social media. Let me put it simply, social media is the new Cupid. Lol. Even if the initial meeting isn’t via social media, social media can facilitate the romance aspect. Have you forgotten about Banky W and Adesua so quickly. Lol? Banky W slid into her Instagram. Same with Ayo of and Mairo Ese.

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Give it time 

When someone comes and tells you, “I can’t sleep without you, I love you the way you are and I can put up with your good and bad attitude”, before you commit your heart to such a person, please, *GIVE IT TIME*😀

When You just met someone today and feel like marrying him/her tomorrow, before you do, remember you need to *GIVE IT TIME*. Read More »