Simon the Zealot: We can’t all be popular 

Today’s bible study is a really interesting one, in the sense that these people’s deeds were not obvious or rather their deeds and accomplishments were so obscure that there wasn’t much reference about them at all. I was confused at first when I first read about them. I tried all I could to find something about them but nothing significant.

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Bible Characters, Bible Study

7 lessons from an eye test

1)  Ask questions.

The eye test people will not forget me in a hurry. I made sure I asked all the askables. ” How much does this cost?” ” Why does it cost that much?” “How do i do this and that?” . I could see the irritation on the main guy’s face ( as per he was the one stating the price of the glasses and frame etc). Lol. I no send them. Read More »


The mysterious and powerful Blood

I can’t honestly say that I have always known the mystery and the power of the Blood of Jesus. In my pre born again days, it was always something I mouthed mechanically like a robot, and even after I became born again I can’t say I realized just how powerful that Blood was.

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Christian Life

Here’s what I think about “The Wedding Party”

“The wedding party” is one of the most popular movies in Nigeria presently. Cinemas were sold out and we had to wait till after the Yuletide before we were able to see it.  It’s a romantic comedy that focuses mainly on all the drama and razzmatazz that goes with a typical Nigerian wedding.

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Gideon: On Becoming


Lol. Gideon is quite an interesting character, which is why we are borrowing Toke’s book title. He “became” right before our very eyes ( or Bible pages).  At a point his antics made me laugh out loud. It was really funny to me how very much afraid he was at first. Reminds me of somebody but I won’t say who. Lol.

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Bible Characters, Bible Study