Thoughts I had while watching a football match

Thoughts I had during a football match

So just for fun here are some thoughts I had while watching a football match (Tuesday night’s Manchester City vs AC Monaco).

Actually, let me confess, I didn’t start watching from the beginning. You needed to see my face when I realized just how many more minutes remained before I could put off the generator 😊. Normally I sleep late but that night, sleep was just calling my name.

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Does it matter if your future in-laws dislike or hate you?

Future In-laws dislike you

Hi guys! so today we are talking about relationships. Specifically if it matters if your future in-laws dislike or hate you, or disapprove of the impending union for one reason or the other. Sometimes the reason is valid ( to them) but sometimes they just don’t like you for very petty or unreasonable reasons.  And by in-laws I mean the whole gang, the parents, and siblings.

Let’s look at this scenario.

K has been dating S for years, they love each other so much. And now it’s time to get formally introduced to the family. However, her parents are kicking vehemently against the union. Read More »


7 Tips on how to know and choose the right Church

Choosing the right church

As Christians, it’s important that we do not forsake the company of other believers.  The Church we attend can break or make our Christian walk hence its very important that we know and choose the right Church.

I have had cause to look for a new Church. My former Church was very hip and trendy, but somehow I never really connected. Read More »

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Boarding House: The night I saw “Mr Man”

Supernatural sightings in boarding school

Most Government boarding schools in Nigeria have one supernatural story or the other attached to them. These stories range from the creepy to ghostly to the outright outlandish and such stories pass from old students to new students with morbid relish. As a new student you don’t know if it’s true but you discuss it with all your friends till it becomes established fact.

Some Schools had stories of “bush baby” apparently bush baby was part baby, part animal and it made sounds. Read More »

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The unprofitable servant: Do NOT bury that talent

Church Service was so interesting today, and I was inspired. Inspired enough for this post title to change from ” what I learnt in Church today” to Bible Study. Lol.

Now, we all know what profit is. It means gain or benefit. Therefore an unprofitable servant is one whose master gains nothing from him. God is our master in this context and when we read Matthew 25:14- 30, we understand a little better.

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“You are not holier than me”, he said.

So said my friend after I sort of teased him that he didn’t attend Church the Sunday preceding our conversation. I have forgotten how we found ourselves  on the topic of holiness but he must have said something in the vein of ” he doesn’t miss Sunday Services ” or ” he was in Church that Sunday” or something. And I countered that with something like ” You! You didn’t go to Church jo “. Read More »

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